So I'm playin Chibi-Robo, and I'm turning the game on, right?

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So I'm playin Chibi-Robo, and I'm turning the game on, right?

Post  SBB on 08.06.10 22:36

Well the first thing i see is this giant fuckload of words and it says "press any button to continue". I dunno what the fuck to do, so I sat there for 5 days until my dog accidentally pressed a button, i told her she fucked everything up so i killed the bish and hung the corpse in my room as a trophy. oh god so as soon as i turn the game on its already a clusterfuck of madness. see it's this autistic childs birthday and she has a severed frog head for a hat, and the parents are speaking all like BHUBBHUHASGWAUFHHUJGHuhdavbbnuygBVUFSHGWRIJGVBUAVGAU and i'm all like "AAAAHHHH HOLY SHIT WHAT STFU GOD DAMN" so the mom being the bitch she is tries to put a fucking hat on top of the childs frog head and she's all like "MOM WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT WHAT DO YOU THINK I AM, A CHILD WHO'S NOT AUTISTIC??!?!!" and precedes to burn her alive. oh and the fucking dog being the prick he is tries to be a smart-ass and give the girl a bone i mean who the fuck does he think he is god i just wanna fucking kill that faggot. then that fat fuck of a dad starts speaking his gibberish he's all like "DBGVGKHFDFW JENNY I GOT YOU A ROBOT BECAUSE I'M A RICH BASTARD NOT REALLY I'M IN HUGE DEBT AND WE'RE ALL GOING TO STARVE OLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLKOLOLOLOLOLOLOL OH ALSO SINCE IM A GREEDY FUCK I ACTUALLY BOUGHT THIS ROBOT FOR MYSELF AHAHAHAHAHAHASDUOFHPDSFBOHDSPGJRISHJBREPNEPOGSJNRWOIHESIOAHJR" so then this flying tv starts going "BUDDLEBEDK FWEFBBUGDLEBUBDUDBHDBBDUBDUDBUDB" and i swear its like the inside of the tardis in here from Dr. Who the best tv show ever anyway then HOLY FUCK RAVE PARTY AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA TECHNO MUSIC AND I MAKE MUSIC NOTES EVERYTIME I WALK HOLY SHIT AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAand holy shit i can't get a word in edgewise this tv won't fucking shut the fuck up i mean god damn he's talking about gay shit like happiness and i just wanna kill all the humans my god. and then the tv being the stupid fuck that he is, wants me to get the brat a flower as a birthday present, yeah, THE FLOWER FUCKING SITTING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE TABLE, GOD WHAT A CHEAP JEW TV!!!! then, oh god, then, i fucking pick up a flower, and the dad starts fucking shouting in my face "OH SHIT THAT'S SO FUCKING HOT IM JERKING OFF SO MUCH RIGHT NOW HRRRRGGGGRHGRHRGGR OOOOOHHHH YEEEAAAHHHH" so he fucking jizzes all over the room and it was the most disgusting thing i ever seen oh god so much cum its unbelievable. then completely ignoring the jizz, the tv starts going on about how he surgically implated helicopter blades into my skull and i can use it to fall wow what a bastard. so i give the girl her flower and HOLY SHIT HEARTS EVERYWHERE ATTACKING ME AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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